4 ThomasLabs.com Committed to your pet’s health Total Digest Supports Digestion and Nutrient Absorption A digestive enzyme and probiotic formula that helps pets with occasional digestive upset, loose stools, bloating, and gas. Promotes energy levels, supports the immune system, and maintains overall health. 16 oz (454 g) Powder 110-1711-P03 See additional information on page 34. Must Have Feature: Total Digest is a digestive enzyme and probiotic formula for dogs and cats. Outcome: It supports normal digestion by: • Breaking down the hard-to-digest fillers in pet food • Maximizing the absorption of essential nutrients • Promoting better overall health Feature: It contains the four essential digestive enzymes that your pet needs. Outcome: By helping pets utilize the full potential of nutrients in food, digestive enzymes help support digestion, energy levels, and immune function. Feature: Supportive probiotics provide beneficial intestinal bacteria in the digestive tract. Outcome: The digestive enzymes and probiotics work together to help with digestive upset, occasional loose stool, gas, bloating, and food-related allergies. Total Digest Digestive enzymes or probiotics? How about both? Read More! Pet Digestion: The Importance of Digestive Enzymes Digestive Issues in Large Breed Dogs