22 ThomasLabs.com Committed to your pet’s health Trusted for over 40 years • Market leader for non-prescription fish & bird antibiotics • Registered & licensed with the FDA • Long expiration dates Must Have Birds often show early signs of infection. Symptoms include a loss of appetite, fatigue, and a change in droppings. Bird antibiotics can be very helpful when used under the right circumstances. If you’re unsure what is causing disease in your bird, an avian veterinarian can help you identify possible causes and the best treatment. There are a number of factors that rely on the ability of antibiotics to be effective. These factors include whether or not: • The problem is caused by bacteria • The bacteria is sensitive to the antibiotic being used • The antibiotic is being used properly (dosage and treatment intervals) • Other contributing problems have been removed All of these factors are important to take into account before you administer antibiotics to your bird. Read More > Using Bird Antibiotics Properly