10 ThomasLabs.com Committed to your pet’s health From breeding to pregnancy, whelping to lactation, the journey to new life can be stressful. At Thomas Labs® , we can help maintain the health of your stud and mom. Our products can help ease your momma dog’s stress and help ensure a smooth transition for mom and her puppies. We have advice and solutions for every need along the way. Thomas Labs® finds and develops the best healthcare solutions for pets, including solutions for canine reproduction and much more. We believe that breeding a dog and dog pregnancy require planning and preparation. Our committed, passionate professionals can equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to help ensure a healthy stud, momma, and litter. Solutions Every Step of the Way Promote the Health of the Stud Using a supplement like Mr Stud (pg. 21) can support and increase the virility of your stud dog. It contains a variety of beneficial herbs, including Fo-Ti root, which is known to have immune- enhancing effects on nerve and brain cells, support the immune system, and promote reproductive appetite and vigor. Promote the Health of the Mom Giving Breed Heat to your momma before heat will give her the edge needed to fully prepare her for pregnancy. This herbal-based formula is designed to promote a female’s health before and during heat, conception, and birth. Provide Proper Prenatal Care Give your mom the extra boost she needs with Bitch Pills, an all-in-one prenatal formula aimed at supporting the female dog from pre-heat through the process of birthing and lactation. This formula promotes fertility in dogs and supports the female’s systems with needed vitamins and minerals to stabilize proper conditioning and support healthy offspring. Ease the Stress of Whelping Giving Red Raspberry Leaves Syrup to your momma during labor can help ease her stress. It does this by helping to support against labor discomfort, support uterine contractions and toning, and foster overall digestive and reproductive health. Read More! Do Dogs Need Vitamins?